Back Spinz- Rewinding To Play Better Going Forward

Back Spinz is a music education program focused on changing the lives of troubled youth by redirecting their energy into their passion for music. During a 16 week evidence-based STEAM program, troubled youth are exposed to Audio Engineering (DJing), Electronic Engineering, Music Production, and Music Business.


Youth are not only exposed to lessons connected to STEAM, but they also are provided with life skills training. When completing the Back Spinz program troubled youth gain interpersonal skills, tactful conflict resolution strategies, financial literacy, business etiquette training, and other additional life skills. 

While going through the coursework, troubled youth are mentored by staff and supported by Passion Fuelers (i.e. individual donors) as well as . With this newfound focus on music and an increase in community support, troubled youth better reduce their chances of committing criminal offenses or repeating criminal offenses (i.e. reduce recidivism).

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